Saturday, 26 September 2015

Tricot Too and making experiments - early 2009

I remember making this necklace and liking the colours. Felt and velvet necklace by Jenny Stacy
'Not in Sale'- my work in Tricot Too. Painted beads, handmade felt, crochet, dolls and Liberty necklaces and bracelets
Strawberry necklace by Jenny Stacy
I love the look of this Out of Xile poster
An experimental bit of knitting.
This is a brooch! Wooly jumper brooch by Jenny Stacy
Another wooly jumper brooch designed by Jenny Stacy
 I'd like to make these happy jumping brooches again. In fact, with a bit of tweaking they could wear clothes too!

It was a snowy winter and I made a lot of felt, and crocheted and knitted and enjoyed working at Tricot.

Tricot Too used to have a sale in early January and lots of women eyed up the stock beforehand and then came in and bought when most things were half price or less! The sort of clothes that couldn't date because they were unusual.

Meanwhile I was making, making, making for the Spring Country Living show in March...
(See below for a post on Kate Box's beautiful work.)

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