Friday, 25 September 2015

London for inspiration

Love these Japanese papers in Liberty
A curtain of used fruit tea bags in Anthropologie 2008
A chandelier of plastic cups, plates etc also in Anthropologie
I remember being pleased with this felt I made. Love the colours
Strawberry felt brooch by Jenny Stacy.
A page from Jenny Stacy's notebook winter 2008
One of Fortnum and Mason's Christmas windows showing a scene from Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake.
 Looking back, the most popular posts have been the ones about London. I also used to post weekly pictures of the clothes in the window of Tricot Too. They were very popular too.The clothes were unusual for their time and attracted a very individual following.

I love making felt and used to make dozens of these strawberry brooches and felt flowers for jewellery. I remember getting Vogue as soon as it hit the newstands and tearing out any pictures that resonated with me. 

Anthropologie, had just opened in Regent Street and was/is highly innovative. Seeing how they recycle rubbish into art is always exciting.

More pictures tomorrow in this week long walk down memory lane in celebration of 7 years of Handmade Happiness blogging! 

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