Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Remembering - 2007-2008

I made lots of these blanket stockings for the Country Living magazine Christmas fair
One of  Fortnum and Mason's Christmas windows - a really popular blog post
Looking ahead - pages from my notebook at the time
I had a regular table at Farnham Maltings then -2007
I still like this Jenny Stacy bracelet!!
Back to  Country Living magazine's London fair for Spring 2008 
Looking back to the early days of this blog I remember how much making I did. Every day I made stuff especially in the three month run up to the big London shows. 

I also went to London regularly and took photos for the blog. I still go to London regularly but it's to spend time with baby grandaughter now. Family is pivotal but I have a rule not to put photos of them on the blog. The blog is about Handmade and Happiness as my kids remind me if I ever express a political opinion in a post.

It's changed over the years. Now the shop is all important and recently, the shop's workshops. Readership peaked in 2012 and 2013 when I wrote a post every day. So I'll write more often. Commenting is problematic and it's a blogger problem, not mine. But lack of comments won't deter me from blogging regularly. Tomorrow I'll pick out photos from 2008.
Cue Dr Who theme tune...!


lindsey said...

Here's a comment for you Jenny, I still have a lovely felt bag of your's patchworked on the front, also a string necklace decorated with wooden beads & a felt flower.
Perhaps, when you have time you might like to check out my new blog....
This is a new venture for me, although the bears will always be my first love!!!

jenny said...

Hi Lindsey. Can you email me a link to your new blog? Maybe I typed it in wrong but Google isn't letting me see it. Hope all goes well with you.x