Sunday, 13 September 2015

Get a shop - meet interesting people..

My hydrangea bush is becoming more multi-coloured with the onset of autumn.
The sun shines through a tall hollyhock

This week I've particularly enjoyed listening to a man who makes dresses for 'Strictly'. When he described the way he adds crystals and sequins to finish off dresses worth thousands I felt I could listen to him forever. He also makes costumes for films and other television programmes as well as his own couture collection each year. Stupidly I didn't ask his name...hope he visits the shop again.

Then there was the art dealer. He looked at the items in the shop purely in terms of re-sale value. The big quilt by Pam Dew momentarily excited him. He also liked the embroidered nude brooches by Carol Smith. But as he said ideally you need to have won the Turner Prize and/or be supported by Saatchi to acquire the right provenance for re-sale in the current art world. I've noticed that generally speaking older artists are not good at promoting themselves. Is being considered an established, valuable artist as much to do with self promotion as it is with real talent?

A woman customer told me she's very good at copying. After looking carefully at several items she plumped for one of my fairies. 'Those are my designs,' I informed her. 'Ah, so tell me how you've made them.' 
At least she bought one. But it poses an interesting question. When you sell what you make are you selling the design as well as the item when you part with it?

Yesterday a lovely lady bought in some cashmere baby bonnets she has knitted. I think they are exquisite. Unfortunately the shop was full when she called and she rushed off not leaving her contact details. I can manage without knowing the names to any of the above mentioned shop visitors but I need to know her name so please contact me if you read this...  

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