Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Autumn cardi for baby

Pattern by Erika Knight. Knitted by Jenny Stacy for her grandaughter
Love this orange with wood buttons and red thread. Knitted by Jenny Stacy from an Erika Knight pattern.
Yesterday I went to Brighton and finished off Juno's cardigan. Now she is one and often wears a dark denim pinafore. I reckon this colour will look really good with it. There are even pockets for her treasures! And it's 100% cotton so should wash well in the machine.

I haven't been to Brighton for ages and it was a treat to wander the lanes again. 

One of my favourite shops is Ditto for fabrics, buttons and ribbons. It's in Kensington Gardens. Fabrics are reasonably priced and unusual. Lots of cottons. I was looking for Christmas fairy fabric for the workshop on Thursday October 1st and found most of what I wanted there. 

Years ago I made childrens' accessories for a neighbouring shop called Nipper. They made childrens' clothes from really nice fabrics many of which they found at Ditto. I expect some of you still have the Nipper catalogue with drawings by one of the women who ran the company.www.dittofabrics.co.uk

In Sydney Street there's a nice shop called Pen to Paper which is all things stationary. They have these inks in all the colours imaginable and I got yellow/green ink cartridges for a fountain pen and a big butterfly stamp for Thursday's workshop on making card bunting. www.pentopaperonline.com

Prettiest shop award will have to go to Bluebelle and Co.

So many cafes. So many people. I guess Brighton is always crowded even on a Monday. I ploughed on to Appendage which, like Handmade Happiness has a really good selection of contemporary craft work. Some beautiful handmade items here.

When living in Chichester I visited Brighton much more often than I do now. Shame it's such a trek because visiting Brighton is always inspirational. If it had a wool shop my happiness would be complete. It probably does but where?...

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molebags said...

lovely to see the cardi finished, fabulous colour!