Friday, 7 August 2015

Successful Fairy Workshop!

Four very individual fairies made at the fairy workshop
Four more pretty fairies made by participants at the fairy workshop last night
I love the way they all turned out so different
Ryan, aged 10 was determined to make a man. You can't see his shorn mohican hair - but he did a good job didn't he?
Here's some fairies I made earlier. They dangled from a branch during the workshop.

Last night 14 people came to make a fairy, and as you can see from the pictures they went home with a fairy they can be proud of!  I love the way everyone has different ideas on how their fairy should look. I didn't think we'd be able to completely finish a fairy in two hours but everyone did and went home with the makings of another one. 

(Apologies for my awful photos I'll try to publish some better ones soon!)

The fairies I've made will be for sale in the shop and I plan to make a lot more. Also I think a fairy kit would make a lovely present so I'll do some of those soon.

I plan to repeat the fairy workshop so let me know if you want to take part. This time I deliberately held back on taking gold and jewel fabrics thinking they will be good for winter fairies (note how I'm avoiding the 'C' word!) 

Next week it's Make a Bracelet. I have a ridiculous amount of beads, collected over the years, and it will be a good chance to say goodbye to a lot of them.

 I'll make various bracelets over the next few days and hope to give takers a choice on whether to make a conventional bead bracelet or something altogether more quirky involving fabric plus beads. Tell me if you want to take part. 

Thursday night 7-9pm at Winton House opposite Marks and Spencer.

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