Saturday, 1 August 2015

Fairies, honey bears and stitched purses

Fairy by Jenny Stacy enjoying the scent of sweetpeas
Sparkly fairy made by Jenny Stacy on pure beeswax candles made by Elizabeth Eveleigh
Little fairy by Jenny Stacy with beeswax candles by Elizabeth Eveleigh
Love these new purses made by Carol Smith for Handmade Happiness
Elizabeth Eveleigh makes these candles from pure beeswax. I love the smell. Not seen are the hive candles with tiny bees on. Both these and the bear candles are £4.50; the beeswax blocks are £2 and the dinner party candles are £6 each.

I've been making fairies for the workshop next Thursday as you can see. Any fairy I make will afterwards be for sale in the shop and I'm hoping to get a lot made for the run up to Christmas. (Sorry to mention the 'C' word!)

I love these new stitched, lined purses Carol Smith made and brought in to the shop this week. The smaller one is £12.50 and the larger one is £14.50.

Enjoy your weekend!

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