Friday, 28 August 2015

Workshop thoughts

Sue Inglis' pretty knitted bunting - in the shop £20
Why do I want to hold workshops? Is it about sharing enthusiasm for making things and the satisfaction of witnessing other peoples' joy when they make something lovely? Not entirely.

My idea in starting the workshops in June was simply as a means of promoting the shop, Handmade Happiness. I thought that giving people a good time at the workshops would result in increased footfall to the shop. 

But then I made an important discovery. The people who attend the workshops are, mostly not people who are interested in going to the shop. They want to make things for themselves. Shop customers want to buy beautiful things made by other people. They are not necessarily interested in making anything themselves.

So I am not sure whether holding 8 workshops has publicised Handmade Happiness in the way I intended.
However people have had great fun at the workshops - stand outs for me were Felting a Flower with Karen Head and my own 'Make a Fairy' and Collage and Make a Bracelet workshops. 

I've just jotted down four more ideas for Christmas themed workshops so yes, we're continuing. Email me or ring the shop with your email address if you want to be told about future workshops.

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