Monday, 17 August 2015

New cards from Rosamund Fowler

Rosamund Fowler's cards in the window at Handmade Happiness

Rosamund Fowler's cards showing her exquisite wood engravings are always appreciated. Handmade Happiness just received a large parcel of cards from her, including this new design, above of an owl. I always wonder how many of the cards bought get put into frames, because a row of her cards in thin black frames would be lovely in, say, a hall passage.

Today I'm planning to visit Libertys in London and I'll take my camera. On the train I'll be doing embroidery samples for Thursday night's workshop called 'Five decorative embroidery stitches'. 'Make a Bracelet' last week was thoroughly enjoyed with people whipping up two, three or even four bracelets in the time to take home with them.

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