Saturday, 16 May 2015

Craft evenings

Stacks of colourful wool in London shop Loop
Yesterday I wrote about the new craft evenings run by Handmade Happiness starting on Thursday June 18th 7.30 to 9.00pm.  I have now booked as many Thursday evenings between now and Christmas at Winton House as were available. I have a good feeling about these craft sessions and I'm really looking forward to them. The response has been totally favourable so far.

So far the demand from customers has been to learn to knit, learn to crochet, learn to make a cushion etc. So these things will certainly be on offer. I also want to have a table or two where paints, pencils, paper, old magazines and print materials are available to use with no tuition, just to use and have fun with.

The cost per session will be £10.  I had hoped to offer a free taster session but materials still have to bought and the venue paid for so reluctantly I've agreed to a charge.

Please remember, if you want to comment below anything you write in the box will automatically delete when you press publish. Just write one word, press publish and once that word has been deleted it will print whatever you then write. Annoying but I don't know how to fix it. Just like my radiator which is leaking water into a big towel, distracting me from writing. Why do these things happen on a Saturday when offices are closed? I left my number on their 'emergency line' but I think it will be quicker to call in a plumber.

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