Thursday, 7 May 2015

Handmade Happiness shop tour - part one

New lettering will soon replace this panel and fill the three panels to the left as well
Stepping inside Handmade Happiness. Art by Christine Burgess, cushions by Tanya Williamson
Wood bread boards, serving boards, chopping boards.
Kate Hackett's colourful ceramics, with items by Justine Jenner above and another of Christine Burgess's paintings.
Jill Poole's delicate bird paintings, Ali Cooper's ceramics and Penny Seume's cushions and lampshades.
Pam Dew's glorious quilt in Handmade Happiness
Thanks to a recent customer's comments I have been thinking a lot about 'branding' this week. Making Handmade Happiness into a more publicised 'brand'.

 First step is to sort out the shop's 'street presence.' I've contacted a sign writer to write the name above both sides of the shop, not just the right side where it's written now.  I think I'll re-do the A board sign on the pavement myself and I'm wondering about a 'yarn bombing' look from the flag pole to attract attention.

People are always pointing out my lack of instagram, Facebook, Twitter, website.

 I feel I've got to master those things as everyone else seems to be online bigtime and I've only got this little blog (that it's really difficult, if not impossible, to post a comment on.) 
So branding online - yes, I will turn my attention to that as well.

A friend says think of a colour you love and have everything to do with Handmade Happiness in that colour. But how can I pick just one colour?

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

A good time to start looking at the shop afresh. Have a good look at everyone else's signage as you pass at a fast walk. Which do you remember? Which frontages make you walk past even faster?

Use a good photo of the outside of your shop to paste up ideas on to mock up what it would look like in a Photo / Edit type program..


Brenda Tilbury said...

Who could choose one colour! Twitter and Instagram?! Can't comment on those as I have no idea or interest, but they must be something to think about.

Why not have a competition ( Sewing Bee style) The winner then gets their creation in the 'new window'. And an article in the local press advertising this and your shop!