Wednesday, 20 May 2015

New in Handmade Happiness

In the window this week
Applique cushions by Tanya Williamson
Fabric storage bags £12 by Gill Martin and mohair teddy by Lindsey Agostinelli
New cards delivered today by calligrapher Cathy Stables.  Chicken design shown in previous post.
 In the top picture:  Kate Hackett's new snowdrop design jug and mug with Michelle Green's needlefelted bluetit.
Samantha Robertson's new design olive bowl; Ali Cooper's porcelain night light and Kate Hackett's heart decorations.
Rosamund Fowler's badger card; Justine Jenner's grey mug and Cathy Stables' chicken card.
Jenny Stacy bird brooch; Willemien Stevens card and Jacqui Watkins coaster.

It was a day of deliveries today. New cards from Willemien Stevens and Cathy Stables and two sacks of lovely fabrics that can be used at the new craft workshops.

I re-did the window and look forward to the sign writer coming next week to write the lettering above the length of the shop. Just got to decide whether the letters should be painted in red, grey or teal.  My favourite colour at the moment is that pale yellowy lime green if you know what I mean but I don't think that would show up enough. Friends and family are mostly voting for bright red.

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