Friday, 15 May 2015

New! Craft evenings with Handmade Happiness

One of three dolls made recently by Jenny Stacy
Same doll, different angle by Jenny Stacy
Back view. Doll made by Jenny Stacy for Handmade Happiness

I often get asked if Handmade Happiness runs craft workshops.  We tried in the first year the shop opened but were hampered by lack of space. 

Now I have booked Winton House, on Petersfield High Street with its big rooms and lots of tables and chairs.  The first session ta da! will be on Thursday June 18th 7.30pm to 9pm.

There will be five craft skills to try on different tables hosted by Handmade Happiness makers. The aim is a relaxed evening, practising and learning old techniques with gentle guidance when needed.

To find out more either visit the shop, email or ring me.  And I'll post more details in the next few days.


Brenda Tilbury said...

Lovely! I hope to be there x

jenny said...

Look forward to seeing you there Brenda! I'll post more details about it today.x