Sunday, 26 April 2015

Cushions by Tanya Williamson

Bassett dog cushion and fish cushion by Tanya Williamson. Knitted bunny by Sue Inglis.
Golden retriever cushion by Tanya Williamson with teapot by Justine Jenner
 Handmade Happiness has lots more cushions after a visit from Tanya Williamson. These clever applique cushions are always popular and make a great present.

I am thinking wedding thoughts again. My youngest has just announced her engagement. Congratulations to Sophie and Owain! Her taste is different to her sister's so decorations will be different. 

I'd also like to shed a few pounds before those wedding photos! A daily walk round the lake is helping as is an awareness of what I'm eating. A friend pointed out a very good article about weight loss saying basically we all know the theory. You just have to decide to lose a pound a week and when that doesn't happen try much harder the next week until you reach your goal. No fads, no do's and don'ts just do it! Easy eh?! 


Anonymous said...

congratulations to Sophie and Owain. And a belated Happy Birthday to you.
I'm sure you must be enjoying the darling Juno and I hope I meet her before too long.
Keep up the walking!
Much love - Hazel

jenny said...

Hazel! How lovely to get your comment! I hope you are well and enjoying life. Now that Amy is back at work part time I care for Juno on Tuesdays. She is a delight! I hope you get to meet her soon and that we can see you again soon.
Much love from Jennyx

Anonymous said...

I look after Ruby's two, Sadie and Mickey, on a Tuesday too. It is such fun watching them grow up - though exhausting at times.
I've been thinking of you as I'm trying to make bunting for Sami and Kenza's birthday - both turning 40!. The party is at our house on Saturday. The bunting is a bit scruffy looking but will look good strung up between the trees.