Saturday, 4 April 2015

Happy Easter!

Handmade Happiness - part of the Easter window
The knitting is growing...
 Happy Easter holidays! The leaves on the twisted hazel in the window are unfurling and the daffodil buds are opening. Sue Inglis, who makes the knitted decorations seen above has made some Easter gift wrap. Also pictured are one of Kate Hackett's colourful plates, a duck cushion by Tanya Williamson and Christine Burgess' atmospheric painting.

When in London I did actually buy some Rowan's denim yarn I spoke about earlier. The yarn is designed to fade, like denim, when washed. The two knitted sections on the left are knitted with this yarn. Maybe the navy is too much of a contrast. But once this thin bit of knitting becomes a throw(!) and the navy pieces are dotted around I think it will look ok.

I intended to take pictures when in London but stupidly left my camera battery charging at home. Then worried all day that the house might catch fire. Such is my vague grasp of the risks of modern technology. 

Handmade Happiness was very busy yesterday and I expect it will be today. Younger daughter is staying tonight so I must go and make up a bed for her before going to the shop. 

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