Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Keep the creative flame burning

Some of Alison Crosthwaite's gloriously dyed velvet
When was the last time you were truly creative? When you drew/designed a new making project that was unlike anything anyone had done before? Some people are naturally creative and have ideas flashing into their brains night and day. Others have to work harder at it. But I believe all of us are born creative if we only allow ourselves to be so.

Last September was when I was last truly creative. I made lots of medal brooches each entirely individual and I was pleased to come up with something that looked so different.

Today I was looking at one of my 'design notebooks' and I was amazed at how every day it seemed I jotted down new things to make. Most of them never got made. But my notebooks remain a rich source of inspiration.

Right now I want to make some original necklaces. I've made lots of jewellery in the past:  conventional jewellery, painted bead and modelled bead jewellery and textile jewellery. It's time I focussed on it again. 

Few things in life are more exciting than the thrill of making something you've thought through for yourself. Techniques can be learnt from library books or the internet.  Ideas and the special way you use them pop into your head and will help you produce something different that is uniquely 'you'.

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