Thursday, 30 October 2014

Cat brooches

Karen Boller has made these cat brooches for Handmade Happiness. £9.50 each.
Karen Boller already makes dog brooches for Handmade Happiness. Last week she brought in some bird brooches (pictured recently) which I love too. And yesterday these cat brooches turned up which I know will delight many cat-loving customers. At £9.50 each any of Karen's brooches would make a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member.

All the shops are about Halloween at the moment. And maybe Handmade Happiness is missing out by not hopping on the Halloween bandwagon. The window is dressed in autumn colours but sorry, not a cobweb or scary mask in sight. I've nothing against Halloween but it's a nice opportunity for families to make their own costumes/masks/scary cakes out of sheets and cereal packets etc. Save your money. Spend it on cat brooches instead!!


Christine Burgess said...

Im surrounded by spider legs made from black fabric and strips of foam and a very wriggly 3 year old who is determinded to be a 'pider' for Halloween night.

Im sure we never had such a celebration but it's keeping young Jessie very happy.

Nice brooches - I'm sure they go well. Pigs, owls, dogs and cats always seem to sell. Hares and Foxes are quite the rage too.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jenny I am glad you like them. Karen