Tuesday, 14 October 2014

What I bought at the Knitting and Stitching Show

Love the colours of this silk ribbon pictured on a 'pre-felt' by PIIKU
Reds and pinks silk that will be good for Christmas makes or imagine it tied round a present!
Greyed pinks and bronzes from MoBair
Pre-felt from Piiku, blue wool from MoBair and Drops Alpaca silk for baby knitting
I didn't consciously choose things that blend in with one another but these do which tells me I should perhaps use a bit of everything in one project...

This pre-felt or 'needle-punched fleece' from Finland www.piiku.fi is interesting. You buy it by the metre and then can felt it by hand or just start off the felting process and put it in the washing machine to turn it into an attractive, thick felt cloth  robust enough for handbags.  I bought a metre of the one pictured and another metre in greens. It will be fun to experiment with using other wools in with it maybe.

I love the colours of this silk ribbon and plan to use it for jewellery, needle-felting and just for hanging stuff on the tree, present tying, and garland making. Gorgeous.

Victoria Smedley spins and dyes the lovely thick wools pictured. She keeps angora goats and her business www.mobair.co.uk  is based on their wool.

The Alpaca silk fine yarn is by Drops and I'm picturing a baby heart warmer knitted from one of these. Does anyone know of a pattern for this cross-over little cardigan? Actually more like a little shawl that goes round the back of the neck and fastens at the sides under the arms. I could try and make it up as I go along but it would be quicker to follow a pattern!

I've just noticed the date. 14th October. The shop's third birthday. Wow! 


lindsey said...

Happy Birthday Handmade Happiness.
You must be so chuffed Jenny that in these challenging times, the shop is still thriving & still here with us.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday little shop! 3 years is a long time in trading.

BTW I think the knitting patterns used to be called 'hug me tights' I remember my mother knitting them.

Well done Jenny,


jenny said...

Thanks Lindsey and Christine. I'm now signed up for another three years and feel excited by the shop continuing to evolve in the future.
All the best to you too.x

Anonymous said...

well done Jenny for having a dream and seeing it through!