Sunday, 28 September 2014

When should shops start puting Christmas stock out?

Christmas notice board. The card is by Belinda Downes, tiny bag by Sandra Izard and reindeer by Natasha Rothschild.
Weeks ago the big tins of sweets were in the supermarkets ' for Christmas'. This week I've noticed advent calendars and Christmas cards in Between the Lines and Christmas table decorations and Christmas food in Marks and Spencer. But it's still September. I wasn't planning to have anything Christmassy in the shop until the end of October... But if I wait will I miss the boat? 

When people in the shop tell me,'I've done all my Christmas shopping now.' Or 'My friend shops for next Christmas in the January sales,' I panic and start to wonder if there is something wrong with me... Maybe I'm old fashioned but I still like to think in seasons. Christmas is winter and I don't like to be reminded of winter in the summer. On the other hand a comment I often hear in my shop is,' Oh I wish I hadn't already bought a present for X this is much nicer...'  So I mustn't be too hesitant to jump on the Christmas bandwagon or Handmade Happiness will miss out.

Maybe I'll start introducing Christmas bits to the shop gradually at the start of October and not wait until the end of the month. Even though seeing Christmas things too early in other shops makes me want to run for the hills. What do you think?


valerie greeley said...

I share your dilemma, as an illustrator of a new Christmas book I would hope that October would be about right. So much work goes into producing goods for Christmas with only a few months in which to make an impression. Having said that, I never put my tree up until mid December.

jenny said...

Your book looks beautiful. The '12 Days of Christmas' have been extended into 4 or more months but I agree that October feels the right time to start thinking about Christmas buying. I don't put my tree up til mid December either.