Thursday, 25 September 2014

In the shop this week

Fairy mouse by Joyce Holland Hill £15
Sue Inglis' knitted creatures and cards
Knitted mice by Sue Inglis £6.50 each
Displayed this week in Handmade Happiness. See details below:
 This week Handmade Happiness has new applique cushions by Tanya Williamson.  Pictures to come.
Knitted creatures, as keyrings or as decorations made by Sue Inglis are especially popular at this time of year.

Displayed in the boxes above, left to right from the top are:

Phone cosy by Pam Dew; jug with gold heart decoration by Ali Cooper; handmade buttons by Jenny Stacy.
Vintage fabric inspired hearts by Kate Hackett; tiny brass kaleidoscope by Frank Higgins; blue knitted bear by Joyce Holland-Hill.

Dog brooch by Karen Boller; Strawberry jug by Kate Hackett; porcelain bowl with blue decoration by Ali Cooper.
Porcelain bowl with gold and green decoration by Ali Cooper; small brown mohair bear by Lindsey Agostinelli and small wheelscope by Frank Higgins.

This is a small selection of all the lovely handmade gifts Handmade Happiness is full of. Come and have a look for yourself.

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