Monday, 22 September 2014

Sanding floorboards

Sitting room floor after sanding
Sitting-room floor before sanding
My lovely younger daughter, Sophie and her boyfriend worked hard on Friday night and Saturday all day to sand the floorboards in my sitting-room, and two bedrooms. It was really hard work and I am terrifically grateful to them. The house feels transformed. And the work went on while I was in Handmade Happiness. Aren't I lucky! 

Now I need to decide whether to varnish or wax them. To bleach or paint them. I want them light not dark. But I don't want to use chemicals. My other daughter thinks they should be painted white but I don't want to cover the grain of the wood. Wondering if I can wipe white matt paint into the boards and then clear wax them...

Do you know when I moved into this house all these newly-sanded boards were covered in dark pink carpet. I hated the colour and the carpet. The carpet went but the real difference is having the boards sanded. The house feels as if it's taken on a new lease of life. 


Anonymous said...

Wow, lucky you! An average floor costs about £250 to be professionally sanded. If you are going to wax a pine floor use a floor sealer first. Luberon make one called Floor Sealer. Otherwise dirt goes straight through the wax into the wood and it soon looks irretrievably dirty. Mind the waxing doesn't make an ice rink finish.


My choice would be Dulux Trade Diamond Glaze (£30 a tin)It is a water based varnish and is tough but nothing will stop pine going dark orange over the years.

I guess any paint will look dirty after a while and will be a pig to re-sand if it looks a mess.

Chrissy said...

There is a Scandinavian White wood soap, no need to seal and you just wash the floor to remove dirt and lift any dents or scratches...only problem I cannot remember the name but I will let you know. I used white Os Colour on my wooden floors but you do have to seal it so it was four coats in total but it is still pale and no nasty chemicals in Os Colour.

jenny said...

Thanks friends. I really appreciate all your suggestions for making the most of my floorboards. Love to you bothx

Rhian said...

Hi Jenny.
Floors look gorgeous.
Just thought I'd tell you about Osmo floor oil .It is chemical free , great natural finish and easy to put on too.Did mine last year very pleased.
Well done Sophie and Owain for doing it.Useful skill!