Saturday, 6 September 2014

More medals for sale

Medals for quiet heros made by Jenny Stacy
More medals £8-50 each by Jenny Stacy shown with new cacti badges by Carol Smith
Regular readers will know how I love to collect interesting buttons. I also have quite a few beads and charms just right for these medals. The fun part of making them is selecting what buttons and beads to use. Now I'd like to find some flat boxes - the shape of Swan Vesta matchboxes but with a lid - to decorate so each medal can be presented in a box. Ideas welcome.

Carol Smith, quilt maker, bought in these attractive cacti badges. These too could be offered with an optional gift box. And the need for gift boxes will get more urgent in the next few months! 

I often get asked for gift boxes for jewellery in the shop. I'd like to find something cheap enough so I could give them away or sell them for no more than an extra £1 or £1-50.
It is also much easier to do a good job of wrapping something in a box. The art of glamorous gift wrapping. Don't get me started on that subject. I'll save it for another time!!


Anonymous said...

Here is a like to 'how to make a jewelry gift box:


Anonymous said...

Thanks Christine I'll look at that. In the meantime I've cut large boxes of matches so they have a lid which fastens with a button and elastic loop...Jenny