Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Bright Beads

Necklaces and bracelets inspired by Frank Higgins' kaleidoscopes
Necklace by Jenny Stacy inspired by the Dreamscope kaleidoscope it rests on made by Frank Higgins
Looking through Frank Higgins' Dreamscope. Photo by Jenny Stacy
Noticing bright things at Ikea yesterday
Aren't these fun? At Ikea yesterday.
This kaleidoscope-inspired jewellery will go out for sale in the shop today. I'll show you more pictures of individual pieces soon.

 I remember the first time my little girls and I visited a bead shop and came home each clutching our chosen bag of beads. Sitting round the kitchen table stringing our beads together, guess who had the most fun? Years later I have many many beads to choose from including those I've painted or modelled myself. And it's still just as much fun playing, I mean working with them!

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