Friday, 29 August 2014

Vogue magazine carrier bags

I find that Vogue makes the best carrier bags.
One from Vogue's inside pages recycled by Jenny Stacy
Vogue covers recycled into carrier bags in Handmade Happiness
Free Vogue carrier bag when you buy at Handmade Happiness
Years ago I saw a carrier bag made out of newspaper and that gave me the idea for making bags from magazines. I've always made these bags for Handmade Happiness customers but recently I thought I'd try just using the covers and these bags are stronger and look better. 

If only there was a way to waterproof them. Laminating would make them too thick but maybe coating the whole thing with pvc glue? Ideas welcome.

I also make small flat bags for little purchases and cards. These are made from house magazines and are far quicker to make than the carrier bags. In three years I've not had to buy any paper or plastic bags for the shop and many kind customers now bring me their old magazines instead of puting them straight into the recycling bin.

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