Friday, 22 August 2014

Arundel art etc.

Gorgeous stained glass in an Arundel door 
Inside Andy Waite's Arundel house with his atmospheric new paintings
Love Ann Hutchin's delicate hand embroidered pictures
The Arundel Gallery Trail is on this week. The advantage of this art trail over others is that you can walk it in one day. And Arundel with its historic buildings, steep hills and beautiful interior design is a joy to walk round.

Sandra Izard, whose cards are in Handmade Happiness has her paintings in one such house. It's old as witnessed by the ceiling beams, all painted white. The walls are pale shades of grey as are the painted floorboards. A wood burning stove in the fireplace, soft squashy linen settees and oil paintings on the walls. Lovely.

Andy Waite's house is a must-see on the gallery trail. It's big and completely emptied to display his paintings. Walls, floors and furniture tie in with the colour in the paintings. Dramatic oil landscapes and upstairs small icons of angel faces very different in style. 

I also really like Sarah Mills porcelain giant teacups and saucers in the palest green
Mary Bayford's jewellery using ancient trade beads, Carol Butler's delicate hand embroidery, Carolyn Genders big crooked matt ceramic vessels and Amy Fathers paper sculptures of flowers. Oh yes, and Gilly McCadden's paintings are worth climbing up King Street for!

Petersfield Art and Craft society's annual exhibition is also on now at the Festival Hall. That's where I saw Ann Hutchin's exquisite poppy embroidery pictured above. I love Ann's work and have her cards and frequently her hand embroidered pictures in Handmade Happiness. It sells quickly as seen by the red dots on all her pieces at the exhibition yesterday.

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