Sunday, 3 August 2014

Making it all make sense

Ranunculli pictured in Paris last April
I like this picture, also taken in April
Same time, same place. Are these kumquats and have I spelled that right?
For me the best sorts of conversations are when we try to make life make sense by comparing our ideas with other peoples' ideas.

 How should we live our lives to make it all make sense? Everyone you talk to will have their own opinions. Is it about finding what works best through our own experiences and conversations  and/or should we be reading as much as we can of other peoples' ideas in order to improve our own understanding? Many people haven't got time in their busy lives to read much.

I'm reading two books right now,one modern and one old that are making me think a lot. The modern one is called, 'The Chimp Paradox' by Dr Steve Peters whose idea is that we have three parts to our brains - the chimp, who responds emotionally to situations and represents our basic ie. unsophisticated self; the human who uses logic and intelligence to respond and the computer which is the memory and experience resource both chimp and human use. Dr Peters argues that it is only by learning to make these three selves co-operate with each other that we can become the person we really want to be.

The other book is the sort of thing you have to read at school: Voltaire's 'Candide' . A book I would not have picked up unless someone had recommended it to me. But actually it's really interesting as it's about the travels of Candide, an innocent, good person and the people he meets who represent every sort of human weakness and evil you can imagine and of how he struggles to make sense of it all.

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