Saturday, 24 May 2014

The whole package

Little cards with envelopes made by Jenny Stacy
Pretty post from Bluebellgray to Tara Wake, my shop neighbour
The other side of the Bluebellgray  envelope 
It's Chelsea Flower Show week so I have to include flowers from my garden. The jug is by Avoca.
I used to love making those tiny cards. They were featured in Country Living magazine many years ago. Now they're for sale in Handmade Happiness. £1-50 each.

Talking of cards I was impressed with Tara's post from Bluebellgray. It's so pretty and individual with a sticker to hold the reverse together. An origami envelope featuring one of the splashy designs on fabric they are well known for. It represents the whole package. Everything that company does reminds people of who they are and what they do and is memorable. They have achieved the 'whole package.' 

It can cost a bit if you want a stamp made with your company name and address, or special tissue paper printed with your own design, or gift boxes and bags with your design or logo. Post cards and business cards fitting your company image don't come cheap either.  And none of this is strictly necessary. However if everything you send out and everything you package reminds people of the quality of your company surely that is worth a small investment.

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