Sunday, 18 May 2014

In the window this week

Lovely handmade gifts available in Handmade Happiness now. See details below.
Can't resist sharing these peonies blooming in my front garden right now. 
As big across as a side plate and so pretty.
It has been good having my daughter and baby bump to stay and help in the shop. Only six weeks to go now and only two weeks left for her to keep working in London. We knitted together, the pile of tiny baby clothes is gradually growing.

In the shop window this week is: 

A bike parts bracelet by Pam Dew; a flowery jug by Kate Hackett; a handmade kaleidoscope by Frank Higgins; he also made the miniature brass kaleidoscope pictured middle fourth row;

Knitted cat in striped jumper by Sue Inglis, who also made the matching card; a selection of silver rings and a wish bracelet by Kirstie Turner; and a sugar tongs bracelet by Jenny Shutler.

Wood engraving card by Rosamund Fowler; mouse mug by Ali Cooper who also made the blue spot mug below; and knitted teddy by Joyce Holland-Hill.

I was fascinated by a regular customer's report of a country show he had visited recently. He was offered a barn owl for £120. It was in an ice cream tub. Apparently the seller breeds them. 

At the same show was a sign saying: 'Make your own axe. Sleep with your axe in a shelter you've made under the stars. Then use your axe to butcher a deer.'

I checked out the website They offer survival courses which are highly praised in their reviews. I'm reassured that the deer are already dead when participants get to work on them with their handmade tools. And they do not sell barn owls.

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