Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Three handmade dresses

Grey linen dress made by Roly Phillips. Size 16. Felt bag by Jenny Stacy
Purple linen dress made by Roly Phillips size 12. Bag by Jenny Stacy
Red cotton dress size 12-14 with embroidered panel on back made by Pam Dew
Handmade Happiness has three dresses for sale which can be worn with Seonaid Noble's cashmere cardigans which we also stock. These are comfortable, easy to wear dresses which could be layered to wear through the year.As usual my camera doesn't do them justice, the colours are more intense.

I hope you are enjoying sunshine wherever you live. For the last week I've been getting out for an early morning walk and the cool morning with bright sunshine is ideal walking weather. I always hope to see a deer or maybe a fox though I rarely do.
My daughter Amy is coming to stay for a few days today which will be lovely, so tomorrow I will have company on my walk and in the shop.

Yesterday I heard of two new shops opening which offer shelves for makers to rent. I have mixed feelings about this. I've always thought that makers shouldn't have to pay out in order to sell their things. Shops and galleries can sell them for them free of charge.

 But you could argue that makers expect to pay for craft fair stalls to sell their work so what difference is  paying a monthly rent for a shelf or two in a shop? I suppose it all depends on whether or not the items actually sell and how much that rent is.  It would be annoying to say the least to have to pay rent when nothing is actually selling. And when nothing actually sells you don't know what to make more of and what to make less of. So I think the message is: sell where you want to buy from, that place will be the right place for you and the things you create by hand.

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Anonymous said...

When I was doing Farmer's Markets and fairs, the general consensus of opinion was that you would hope to take at least four times the pitch fee.

My Farmer's Market pitch outside M&S in Chichester was £45 for the morning. In December I took £1000. At Shoreham FM in February one year, it was minus 8 degrees, the pitch cost £35 and I took nothing, having set out at 6.00am.

Selling from rented shelf space can be very profitable if your product and location are right, you just fill up your shelves and let the owner be there all day and heat the shop to sell your wares.

As a shopkeeper I would want to make every sq. foot of my area pay. If renting out space gives a good return, that is great. It is up to the hirer to make sure their product is right and to chose an excellent venue.

Retailing isn't charity and if you are a maker you must strive to be efficient in the making and your product appealing and relevant to make profits.