Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Chichester Art Trail - a glimpse

Geraldine St Aubyn Hubbard's handwoven scarves and clothes
Top: Lin Bundfuss' mixed media textiles and below: Mary Moon's felt
A pretty garden with pond in Chichester
First an apology that the top two pictures are taken from the brochure. I didn't feel comfortable about asking to take pictures at the various venues.

Chichester Art trail encompassing 173 artists must be one of the largest art trails. Geographically it extends from Emsworth in the west, down to Selsey in the south and across to Slindon to the east of Chichester. I wanted to get to Slindon to see my friend the artist Sandra Izard but the car was playing up so I didn't get that far. Instead I went to Nutborne to see Geraldine St Aubyn Hubbards weaving. I remember her exhibiting at Chelsea Craft Fair many years ago. And I remember the first time I saw her great big loom - taking up a whole room in her house as it does. Her work is beautiful and if she hadn't been talking in a roomful of people when I visited I would have asked if she would be interested in having some scarves in Handmade Happiness!

Just down the road I saw Malcolm Macdonald's studio. Malcolm produces functional, domestic pottery. I love his mugs and just had to buy one even though someone had just drank a cup of coffee from it and it had to be washed up first! If you are interested in ceramics this studio is a must see. (The trail continues next weekend May 10th and 11th and you can pick up a brochure from Handmade Happiness.)

On to North Mundham on the Selsey road to see textiles. Lin Bundfuss (see above) experiments with different techniques to produce mixed media textile hangings and framed pieces. Mary Moon, at the same venue produces some fine handmade felt for her wall hangings and framed pictures. Textile artists will enjoy this venue. 

With art trails it's good if you can see a clutch of artists within walking distance of each other but the Chichester art trail is laid out over such a large area this is just not possible. The Arundel art trail works well as you can walk from venue to venue around the town(that's in August). Petersfield used to have it's own art trail 'Paint' but that fizzled out eight years ago.
I'd love to look at more of the Chichester Art Trail next weekend, once the car has been to the garage, but I doubt this will be possible. But you may be able to go. Enjoy it and if you feel inclined, pass on any recommendations via the Comments box.

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