Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Making for Christmas

Through the Handmade Happiness window at Christmas
Christmas 2013 at Handmade Happiness
In a shopkeeper's life the important time is Christmas. Easter can be a good selling time too, and in August visitors to the town may buy souvenirs to take home from your shop but really nothing compares to sales at Christmas. Some makers stockpile everything they make to sell at Christmas and for a moment last Christmas I was tempted by the idea of becoming a year round Christmas shop. But just as you are reluctant to think about Christmas now, in May, I know that people would not like to see the word 'Christmas' above a shop in Petersfield all through the year.

However today I am thinking about what I want Handmade Happiness to sell in the run up to Christmas. Yesterday I started making half a dozen new dolls. I want to make a lot of new jewellery and design some attractive Christmas stockings, decorations and advent calendars. I need to contact makers to discuss their Christmas ideas. Maybe this year there will be a theme or maybe we'll just try to have something to appeal to everyone.

I need to analyse what sold best last year as a guide to this year's stock and right now I need to reply to an email inviting me to do a Christmas fair. Magazines are thinking about Christmas issues right now and fair organisers are planning their biggest event of the year. I'll think about all this on my walk this early morning in the lovely May sunshine!


Anonymous said...

Love the photos of the 2013 Christmas window Jenny, even on a lovely May morning!
I enjoy planning ahead - experimenting with new Christmas designs, materials and colour combinations. I'm looking forward to talking about the Handmade Happiness Christmas 2014 "look" with you.
Sue Inglis

jenny said...

Thank you Sue. Some readers won't know that you make the popular knitted animals and cards. I am looking forward to chatting about the 2014 Christmas at HH with you too!

Anonymous said...

May is the usual time for the trade to order in for Christmas. I remember drinking Pimms at a trade fair in May while ordering 3 gross of mixed advent calendars and 10 cases of glitter.

After September the warehouses would have been been full of summer stock for the following year.

Get making now Jenny! You won't have any time to spare when grandchild arrives!


jenny said...

Thanks Christine. Point well made!