Sunday, 11 May 2014

A time of transition

Looking after a shop five days a week is a bit sedentary. All this sitting for two and a half years is not good for your spine. On Thursday I was told that the way to get rid of my sciatica is to have a week of not sitting and not bending. So I'm in the shop but I'm standing. The other bit of advice the physio gave was to get on the floor every two hours to do 10  yoga 'cobra' cycles. (This is like a half press up, sometimes referred to as a 'ladies' press up.) Now I would be mortified if a customer walked in when I was on the floor in cobra position so they've had to be dropped but I am trying not to sit.

New in the shop are two linen dresses made by Roly Phillips and a thick cotton dress and jacket made by Pam Dew. Photos coming. Also lovely new cards from Fareham illustrator Jill Poole.

Have you tried drinking green juice? This week I bought a juicer and tried green juice and it tasted good. Washing up the juicer wasn't as much fun as using it. I juiced cucumber, spinach leaves, an apple, lemon juice, a celery stick, should have put in a bit of ginger root but I didn't have any. 

A friend's husband has got the juicing bug. She reports him pulling grass, stinging nettles and thistles from the garden to add to the juicer mix. Surprisingly she says the result tastes delicious. Not tempted? No me neither!

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Anonymous said...

Ken has to wash up after daughter's jucing craze. The only way he has found to stop it staining and becoming a bacteria trap is to take the juicer completely apart and soak it in a sink of hot water and 2 scoops of Oxi Clean.