Monday, 10 March 2014

New from Ali Cooper

Blue and white porcelain jugs by Ali Cooper
Blue and white bowls by Ali Cooper
The lovely faded denim colour of this delicate bowl by Ali Cooper
One of Ali Cooper's dog mugs
 Making ceramics is a long process. First there's throwing the clay on the wheel to achieve the shape, then leaving your mugs, bowls or plates until there have dried out sufficiently. Then after glazing and decorating there are two firings in the kiln.

 I love it when Ali Cooper brings in the latest things she has made. And if the customers waiting for pink spotty mugs and gold lustre decorated stoneware are reading this - those things are en route!

This year we're appreciating these sunny days more than ever after so much continuous rain. Sitting on a bench looking out over the Ashdown Forest yesterday with my mother beside me soaking up the warm sun was blissful. 

There's a sign on the road nearby giving the number of collisions car have had with deer in the last year. I noticed the number had gone up in the last week from 187 to 191 meaning four deer crashes in just a few days. I always look out for deer. Great to see them but not so close up that you have to hit one!

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Anonymous said...

Not forgetting planning a pot design, wedging the clay, mixing glazes, fettling, packing and unpacking a kiln, clearing up (and hiding the failures)!

Most of the deer crashes around here happen at dusk, especially across their regular routes. I drive especially carefully on the A283 up from Parham Park where the high stone wall ends and also at Wiggonholt. We often find dead deer (8 last year) in the woods, where they have run in to die from horrific injuries. Mind you they feed an awful lot of birds and creatures as they decay.