Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The pencil drawings of Elizabeth Diggins

Cards showing the drawings of Elizabeth Diggins
Natural history detailed drawings by Elizabeth Diggins
Pencil drawings by Elizabeth Diggins
Handmade Happiness stocks cards by Elizabeth Diggins, natural history artist.

Occasionally I am blown away by someone's talent. Elizabeth Diggins, who has recently moved to the area draws with an assortment of pencils building form and texture in layers of painstaking detail. She uses all the grades of pencil (HB apparently means hard black) from soft to hard to make her pictures. The glass jar impresses me most but the more I look at these cards the more I like the mossy undergrowth contrasting with the smooth hard branches of trees in the card above right. The original drawing is huge she says. Originals that haven't already been sold can be bought through Elizabeth's website.Visit her website by clicking on any card above.

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Chrissy said...

Wonderful drawings, that dragonfly looks like it isn't even on the same page...thank you for showing them Jenny.