Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Liberty, Fenwicks and Zara

Colours chosen by Amy at Liberty
Fabrics chosen by Amy at Liberty
Co-ordinating fabrics and yarns at Liberty
 This baby will be a fashionable baby with a sophisticated wardrobe! My daughter is quick to decide on what she likes and what she doesn't like. Not knowing what sex the baby will be means clothes made now mustn't be girly or masculine but equally suited to either sex.

London yesterday started at Fenwicks which has a Caramel baby and child concession.  We admired everything except the prices. This label specialises in unusual colours (tan and olive green for instance) in best quality fabrics and some things look hand-knitted.
We also love the 'Jellycat' supersoft white bunnies.

Zara, a Spanish company, has an interesting range of baby things, a bit different from other High Street companies. A white t-shirt with tiny pineapples and co-ordinating yellow leggings nearly got bought but first we wanted to see what Liberty had to offer.

By now we had noted that for such a tiny scrap of material needed to clothe a newborn prices were surprisingly high. And we were thinking about making the little tops and bottoms needed for a summer baby ourselves. 

The dark haired lady assistant at Liberty was super helpful. She had made clothes for her grandchildren and knew what was practical and what wasn't. Amy quickly picked out yarn colours for little cardigans, socks and hats and then chose fabrics to co-ordinate. (Only half a metre needed of each the  assistant assured us.)

 As soon as I got off the over-crowded train home I started on a little cardigan in the green size 0-3 months. It will be sweet. In fact I am thinking that if Handmade Happiness has womens' clothes why not a rail of handmade baby clothes as well? First I'll need to talk to the talented knitters that supply the shop and see if they are willing...


Anonymous said...

The trouble with babies is that you don't know what hair colour they will arrive with to know what will be a good colour. My grandson was surprisingly pale and ginger (ex-husband's side of the family


jenny said...

What a nice surprise! I love red hair.