Sunday, 23 March 2014

Making bags

Rich colours for an across the body bag by Jenny Stacy
This Jenny Stacy bag goes well with Seonaid Noble's orange cashmere cardigan
Cashmere cardigan by Seonaid Noble £95 with handmade bag by Jenny Stacy £20
I made this bag and two others - one blues, one greens on Friday in the shop, finishing them off yesterday. The blue one is my favourite - its all hand-felted with a toning velvet button fastening but I'd happily wear this one too. 

I see this as a travel bag; to wear close to the body with tickets, purse, lipstick and possibly passport in. The base material is a heavy duty felt which I've sewn into. It's a dark red, just visible top left corner. You learn as you go when making don't you and if I make more I'll know how to make them quicker.

Petersfield textile artist Pam Dew brought in a dress she has made. I really like it. Simple shape with long sleeves and button fastening in the front. It is short enough to wear over jeans or leggings but long enough to wear as a dress when the weather is warm enough. When Handmade Happiness starts selling womens' clothes I don't want them to be too expensive. Dress making is not quick but if I can help Pam source fabric that looks good, drapes well and is a reasonable price I reckon HH will be able to offer its customers really wearable natural fabric dresses this summer. 

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