Sunday, 2 March 2014

Seeing both ends of life

Painted silk, glitter and gold paper. Golden wedding card by Jenny Stacy
A tiny cardigan for my grandchild-to-be with old buttons
Same cardigan different view. The fabric behind is brushed cotton.
 I often think about this baby that is to be. What can I teach it about the important things in life. To be kind to everyone and to treat people as you would like to be treated by them? To never stop learning and to take every opportunity to learn throughout life. To try to do good and not to be afraid to speak out against wrong doing. And above all to listen, to really listen, watch and make your own mind up about things.

Today is Sunday when I see a lot of elderly people in the residential home where my mother lives. Seeing her there gives me heartache. The place is clean and the new building is light. But what is there for people to do? Sit down and watch television. I wish there was an alternative. It seems too big a change from living at home looking after yourself as much as possible with the help of visiting carers to living in an institution where everything is done for you and you are simply required to sit, eat and sleep. 

I must find out how our British system compares with what happens in other countries. Maybe the government can take its focus off education for a moment and consider whether there is a better alternative to residential care for  people living into their eighties and nineties.


Anonymous said...

I think the alternative is something we do not see as being really possible, too hard to fit in with the lives we live. There was a time when the elderly remained with the family and the care they needed was given by daughters and daughters-in-law.
In the end all we can do is remain in their lives by taking them out, sitting with them, bringing them to family occasions whenever possible.
The birth of a child does make one think of beginnings and endings.

jenny said...

Hello Hazel. Thanks for your lovely words. I'm wondering what your grandchildren call you? I feel that my Mum has been 'Granny' for a long time and I don't want the same title but I don't know what the alternative could be. xxx

lindsey said...

Hi Jenny...thoughts on what to be called when your new grandchild arrives. I am a Nana, & now I have a great grandson I am Nana Bear. For obvious reasons!!!!