Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Knitting chicks (or ducklings) for Easter

Chick with Cadbury's creme egg inside and bunny , knitted by Joyce Holland Hill with mini creme egg inside on blanket by Kate Box
Another knitted Easter duckling(?) by me on one of Kate Box's baby blankets
 The pattern for this Easter chick (mine have turned out more like ducklings) is easy to knit. My knitting friends say that charities are giving out the pattern in the hope that lots will be knitted and sold to raise money for charity. 

If you want to make your own click onto the bold words above. Then it is up to you whether you give some to charity or just make a few for family and friends. The pattern I have linked to is on the mothers' union website. There are similar patterns on the Francis House Hospice website and the Pompom Emporium website.

There are a few knitted chicks in Handmade Happiness for £2-50 each including the egg. The nice thing about them is that after they've held chocolate eggs for Easter they can be used as boiled egg cosies for the rest of the year.

I want to get up to the Country Living magazine Spring show which starts today. But my leg, which the doctor looked at yesterday and reckons is just a trapped nerve, is not reliable. I now plan  to go there on Friday assuming all is back to normal by then and I can find someone to shop sit. The show runs until Sunday at the Business Design Centre, Islington. The Spring show is more home and garden focussed and the November show is all about Christmas. 

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acornmoon said...

Thanks for the pattern, it was just what I was looking for.