Saturday, 15 March 2014

Sheila Barrow's new embroidered pictures

In the New Forest by Sheila Barrow
Bluebells in the New Forest by Sheila Barrow
 Artist Sheila Barrow delivered four more of her embroidered paintings to Handmade Happiness this week.
 Glen Wellstead dropped by yesterday with more of her popular stacks of dyed wool blanket to make with and a brightly coloured cushion she has made with them.
 Kate Hackett came in with her ceramic egg plates to add to her display of mugs, plates and bowls.
 Carol Smith topped up her applique fabric cards and Penny Diggins, pencil artist extraordinaire brought in more of her cards and a poster advertising her drawing classes.

I am battling with a rebellious leg having slightly overdone the yoga this week! I call it 'emergency yoga' as I feel I should make a big anti-ageing effort before becoming a grandmother this summer.

 A yoga teacher who visits the shop says it's good to be upside down to reverse the downward pull of gravity. Being upside down used to be easy when I was young. I remember often standing on my head when in my twenties and thirties but now it seems too extreme. Apparently you get some of the same results by just having your legs up against a wall...

Another visitor to the shop said she'd just completed a course to become a nutritionist. During our chat she said she was looking for someone to practice on would I be interested? So my free consultation will be at the beginning of April. Perfectly timed. Emergency nutrition advice just before my birthday which is also in April and impending grandmotherhood!

 I am looking forward to finding out from an expert exactly what we should and should not be eating. It's confusing trying to follow the fads spread by the media. No sugar is the current message.

 Vegetables seem to be the only thing everyone can eat as much as they like of without feeling guilty or as if they're harming themselves. Carbohydrates and proteins dip in and out of fashion. And chocolate is sometimes thought to be good for you, sometimes recommended to be avoided. Porridge always seems to get a good press - that's what I'm off to make now for breakfast. But I can't eat it without sugar can I?!


Chrissy said...

Jenny! Of course you can eat porridge without sugar! I have mine everyday with lashings of cinnamon to regulate blood sugar levels, a chopped apple and if I fancy it I add a chopped banana...absolutely no need for sugar and it sets you up for the day - it is so filling you cannot even manage to squeeze in a biscuit at 11am!!! If you can, soak it overnight in water and plain yoghurt to make it even easier to digest. Enjoy!

jenny said...

Thanks for that Chrissy. I like the idea of the cinnamon and fruit. Just got to remember to soak the oats the night before...I guess that speeds up the cooking time as well if you add the yoghurt just before serving.