Thursday, 6 March 2014

New from Jacqui Watkins - notebooks

Notebooks £3.50 each by Jacqui Watkins
Notebooks by lino cut artist Jacqui Watkins £3.50 each
 Regular shop visitors will recognise these notebooks as being the lino cuts of Jacqui Watkins whose square cards are so popular. Jacqui also sent coasters with her card designs on them but I can't photograph them because they sold the same day they arrived! If you're visiting the Country Living fair look out for Jacqui's stand on the mezzanine (middle floor) under her business name of Linen Prints.

I have a card machine in Handmade Happiness but until yesterday I hadn't I confess used it for payments over the phone. Now I have done and it was easy. So let me offer you this service.
 If there's anything you like pictured on the blog - and I'll do a special selection before Mothers Day on March 30th - ring me on the shop number 01730 267711 during opening hours with your card details and I'll put it in the post the same day. Small parcels cost £3-00 to send first class so this would be added to most orders.

I'm thinking a lot about my grandchild to be at the moment and how I would like to be on hand to help Amy once he or she arrives. So recently I've suggested to visiting makers that they might like to volunteer to work one day a month in the shop. The suggestion has gone down well so far and it's reassuring to think that by July I will hopefully have a schedule in place so customers have a chance to meet some of the lovely individuals whose work is sold in the shop. Makers will want to make while working so watching them and chatting to them will be another attraction for customers. 

Knowing that I don't have to work all the time the shop is open will also enable me to visit the exhibitions and shows I sometimes have to miss at the moment. Not tomorrow though. Tomorrow Pam Dew who makes wonderful quilts and applique cushions will be in the shop in the afternoon so I can go to the first night of Contemporary Textiles at the Landmark Arts Centre, Teddington. 76 textile artists. The show is also on Saturday and Sunday if you want to go yourself. I can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Jenny
I'm sure you are so excited at the prospect of a new life in the family and your first grandchild!
All mine call me "Nana".
I hope you will be able to arrange your working hours so that you will have time to help Amy - it is an invaluable experience.
All my love