Monday, 6 August 2012

Who can you trust?

On Friday night I had a phone call from a man claiming to be part of the Windows technical support team. He said they were aware of lots of viruses on my computer and offered to remove them. Trustingly I gave him info from the computer and he 'worked on' erradicating the problems for an hour and a half. He then called back and as my software was out of guarantee asked for £20. So I gave him my card details. 
My kids say I have been scammed. In fact, worse than that my son who is an IT consultant says I mustn't now use my computer. In future I'll post to my blog from another computer but just want to know if any of you have heard of this happening and is it a scam or is it genuine?


Anonymous said...

absolutely a scam! We had the same thing - many phone calls from India saying there was a problem with our computer and he would give tech support. Luckily we were not taken in and P told him to ---- off!
I hope the consequences for you are not bad and that you can stop anything coming of your mistake.
Good Luck - Hazelxx

jenny said...

Thanks Hazel. x

Fibre frenzi said...

What a nightmare! I've had various messages about e-bay etc. wanting info and have been advised to ignore. Do hope it's ok for you. What a lot of miserable people out there. Keep smiling . Alison x

Christine said...

I have had these calls loads of times - I just string them along for a bit and then scream at them as loud as I can.

Can Tim get your computer fixed? Have you contacted your bank to change your credit card?

Anonymous said...

Great photo of a swan! Sophie xxx