Sunday, 12 August 2012


When you buy something in Handmade Happiness it will probably be wrapped in the bird tissue on the left. Depending on how large it is it will then be placed in a paper bag made from the page of a magazine or in a carrier bag made from five pages of a catalogue.

Have you seen the film Love Actually? Sometimes I feel like Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson) when he takes forever to wrap up a piece of jewellery using numerous bags and adding dried rose petals and bows to the impatience of the man waiting for it.

But I do like a nicely wrapped gift. When we lived in Paris it really impressed me that sometimes just asking for a croissant could mean getting it in a white box with a froth of white ribbon on the top. Now that's personal service.

By the way the tissues are all available to buy in Handmade Happiness. £2.20 a pack.

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Anonymous said...

Such pretty tissue paper! Sophie xxx