Friday, 3 August 2012

Throw for sale

 The cotton crochet throw I've been working on for months is finally finished and up for sale in Handmade Happiness. The picture shows it about two thirds done. It's bigger now. I like the soft colours and if it doesn't sell I'd be very happy to keep it. Deciding on a price for something like this is difficult. I've settled on the price of £40.
Prices have got to be fair to the maker but not so high that no-one will buy it.

Someone who works in a local charity shop said yesterday that since getting an antiques expert in to value bric a brac  shop prices are much higher and things aren't selling.When things don't sell they get passed to other shops in other towns and are sold off very cheaply. So pricing right is important.
The joy of buying bric a brac in charity shops is finding a bargain. Otherwise you might as well buy from antiques shops not charity shops.

Whoops my opinion is creeping in to my Handmade Happiness blog again. Maybe I should start another blog called 'And another thing...'

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