Sunday, 19 August 2012

Shop glimpses

Apron dress by Linda Innes. Size 12-14. £38. Spun, dyed yarns by Michelle Green and my felt brooches on the left.
Turned wood dibbers, doorstops and light pulls by Dennis Gamble; solid oak peg rail and kitchen towel holder by Peter Skrzypczak; framed watercolour print by Sandra Izard. Just visible are new 30s,40s and 50s fabrics collected by Penny Baker.
 Sandra Izard unframed limited edition prints with bears by Lindsey Agostinelli; small embroidery by Ann Hutchins; sheep by Bob and Michelle Green; small boards by Christine Burgess and ceramics (left) by Pam Dew and right by Roly Phillips. Knitted ted by Joyce Holland Hill(in training gear for the next Olympics) just wanted his photo taken. He doesn't normally stand there.


Angela Bell said...

I love the dress Jenny and the rest of the post. Really pretty and inspiring!

jenny said...

Hello Angela. I enjoyed looking at your blog Sweet Disorder. Let me know if you could recommend anyone making lovely recycled clothes like the ones you feature. I want more in my shop but they must be handmade in Britain.
Thanks again for the comment.