Friday, 24 August 2012

Making carrier bags

A nice customer gave me lots of Marimekko catalogues on thick newsprint.
 The bags I made are pegged up in a corner of the shop. And I think they look even nicer than the ones made from Marks and Spencer catalogues. Plus the writing's all in Finnish which gives them the cool factor!


carole said...

Hello from S.W France !

I am looking at one of your handmade carrier bags as i write this (one of your M&S ones)... a brilliant idea ,so cleverly made. My lovely friend B has just spent a week's holiday over here with us and visited your shop just before coming over.She bought some of the vintage fabric for patchwork and a set of your lovely buttons, as a gift for me,all beautifully wrapped in the gorgeous bird-print
tissue paper too.
I look forward to visiting your shop, when i'm next over, for a good snoop round and a bit of purchasing !
I really enjoy your blog,seeing the stock and interior of your shop and also being reminded of some of my favourite places,from your other posts, such as Chichester,Midhurst and Petersfield too,of course !

"Bon weekend !" and best wishes from the Charente, from Carole xx

Fibre frenzi said...

Love the bags!

jenny said...

I remember your lovely friend, Carole. Please introduce yourself when you visit Handmade Happiness. And thank you for appreciating the blog.x