Friday, 18 May 2012


 Across the top of the shop window is a line of the carrier bags I make from Marks and Spencer's free catalogues. 
They are quite high up and taller customers are asked to unpeg themselves a bag to save me getting the ladder out! I also make small paper bags from magazine pages.  Hopefully I'll never have to buy bags.

 On the other hand I am also using a lot of the pretty printed tissue paper that I bought to sell  to wrap purchases nicely. Men in particular appreciate a gift being gift wrapped. Since living in Paris when even a single croissant could be put into a white box with some curly ribbon on top I have appreciated having things nicely wrapped.

 My mother is very good at gift wrapping and sometimes the anticipation of seeing a gift nicely wrapped is as good as receiving the gift itself. 


lindsey said...

Would love to see the bag without the talk bubble hiding it!!!! Lindsey

jenny said...

There is another picture of the bags and instructions on how to make them in a previous blog post. Scroll down and you'll find it.
Thanks for your comment Lindsey.