Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wedding invitations finished!

Each one of my wedding invitations is entirely different. 
Just the same colour theme 
and flowers/ lace/ sparkle/ vintage in each of them.

Yesterday I sent the last of the wedding invitations I've been making registered post. They turned out to be very feminine. The groom's theme of golf didn't get a look in once I'd failed to find any golfing images anywhere! I hope he doesn't mind.

 Now I am making 'arty bunting' for another order and then I can  get down to summer jewellery which I have been thinking about for some time. So if you come into the shop today the sewing machine will be out but I promise to stop for a chat!


granite countertops in arizona said...

All angles are well shot.

lindsey said...

Wow these are amazing, much better than a golf theme, & let's face it "the day" is all about the bride anyway.