Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Penny's cushions

Cushions made by Penny Baker.
 On Saturday Penny Baker brought in these two cushions she has made after I sold three of her cushions to the same person. I love these two. The red/yellow colour combination reminds me of Oilily and they are beautifully made. Another two items of stock I will be reluctant to let go of when they sell. But that is a good thing, right? 


Anonymous said...

They are lovely! Really like the pom poms around the edges! Look forward to seeing them in the flesh when I'm next down (though they probably will have been sold by then!) love you mum xxxx

jenny said...

You're right. The top cushion has sold but I think Penny will bring in some more soon.x

Handmade cushions said...

They are gorgeous! They look just perfect in this space too :)