Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Spring thoughts

Thinking about what to plant this year. Peas, runner beans and courgettes, yes. I find these are all easy in the kind of soil I have.
 My five raspberry canes did not produce much fruit last year so I hope for a bumper crop this year. I have a blueberry bush and those tiny wild strawberries grow where they can.
 I love sweetpeas and always grow those, then there's the roses. 
Tomatoes I find challenging. I've tried to grow those big French ones without much success. Cherry tomatoes are easier but somehow they grew much better in my last garden that this. Maybe I gave them more time.

 I love my garden. It's weak point is a high fence all the way round which the previous owner coated with that brick red preservative. It's gradually getting back to that pleasing natural grey but it's taking years.
 I like organic for gardens in that I don't want to eat anything that's been in contact with chemicals. But I won't pay organic prices in supermarkets so that doesn't make sense. 
I'd like a tub of herbs by the door this year for easy picking. Oh yes and lots of little gem lettuce which also did well. This is the year I must plant a shrub like daphne for the scent and it would be great to have a bush with attractive berries in the winter. What works well in your garden?
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