Saturday, 31 March 2012

Things that go bump

 Window of Smug in Camden Passage

I was watching Neighbours when there was this thud from the kitchen, a little bell sound and a scuttling. With a lot of banging about I bravely (?) opened the kitchen door. The window was open but I could see nothing suspicious.
I guess that the pesky black and white cat that likes to use my garden as his personal toilet had leapt through the open window and then scuttled back the way he had come.
Last night daughter two stayed over. She is not happy with this explanation and when there was another bump in the night, (and I maintain that all old houses make noises in the night but she lives in a newly built flat) she felt too frightened to sleep. That is why I am late writing this blog this morning. Talking in the early hours of the morning for too long with daughter two.
Have I said before that I think all cats should wear bells round their necks? A friend was distressed to find her intrepid hunter tucking into a meal of robin the other morning. Yes, all cats should definitely wear bells.

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